Why EQ?

Combining logical thinking with emotional intelligence or EQ leverages the whole brain for better decisions, performance, collaboration, leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness and many other factors in the workplace.

“Emotions drive people…people drive performance.” Six Seconds (6seconds.org)

“EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. EQ is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise.” Gerald Mount

“Emotional Intelligence competencies were better able to predict performance and leadership efficacy.” C Dulewicz, M Young, & V. Dulewicz, “Journal of General Management”

6 seconds preferred partner

We are Preferred Partners with Six Seconds, the world’s largest EQ organization.

The learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence make a significant impact on organizational performance.

Emotions are the common thread in all of us. They impact our decisions, our performance, our dreams and desires. Understanding emotions, how they impact our thinking and actions, can significantly change our lives. We bring the powerful impact of emotional intelligence to life through our Preferred Partnership with Six Seconds, the world’s largest EQ organization.  Our mission… “To inspire, enlighten and encourage others so that they may achieve the transformation they desire.” We use the tools and methodologies of Six Seconds to fuel transformation in individuals, leaders, teams and organizations. The measurable and learnable skills of emotional intelligence are the key to harnessing emotions for better outcomes.

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